Sunday, September 25, 2011

Considerations When Preparing for a Fashion Show

I have 2 styles on the runway in less than 2 weeks time for the Be Discovered final Red Carpet Charity Event.  It is the final competition for the selection of this years model search, and is a big deal event for the models, the event producers, the charity and last but not least the designers.

The Regina Fashion Collective is entering designs as a group, showing against some very established national retailers in Regina.  We have decided to each produce one or two styles/looks for the runway to try to showcase what we do best, or what our specialty is.  Easy peasy right ?  whack out a dress, a pantsuit and then hit the buffet.  Not that simple.  What I am finding is that it is very difficult to cull down your designs to only one garment that best represents what your design esthetic is like and demonstrates your workmanship.  It seems like to narrow of a selection, that the customer will get a clipped view of what your designs are like and what you can do.  So I increased to two looks.  Now how do you make them look different, but part of the same story, while demonstrating more skills, fabrics, and effects.

Now to the actual designs.  In this small town atmosphere, how avantguarde can you go?  Will people see it as art or a statement?  Or just complain that it looks weird and they wouldn't wear it?  I have decided to go middle of the road, staying with traditional silhouettes and forms, but adding in some subtle changes and an androgenous quality.  My shock will be the oulandish mix of plaid on plaid, and the mix of red and orange colours.  Pretty safe, but I feel like I am testing the waters to see what my clientelle really respond to in this kind of show.  Are they really looking to shop, or just to be inspired and entertained by a runway show.

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