Thursday, June 16, 2011

Did something happen last night?

I had to go for a CT scan on my head yesterday, which I will post details about later, but the clinic was next door to a liquor store and it was packed.  I even saw three smartly dressed grey haired little ladies loading two cases of beer into the back of their car.  On a Wed. night?  Something's Up. Now at this point I have to stop and explain a couple of things about the place where I live.

First of all, some people think we are country bumpkin's or rednecks, but actually we live in the centre of the known universe for we are the only time zone that does not ever change.  That's right, we do not partake in that high falootin' daylight saving's time thang.  We are daylight burners not savers.  I don't know why it is that way, and personally I like it.  This time of year it gets dusky at about 9:30 and you have to wait until 10:30pm for darkness.  With daylight savings time you would have to wait until 11:30pm ish for a good dark bonfire hotdog roast.  We've got the right idea here in Saskatchewan.

Secondly, and this point is related to the topic of the post, we have government regulated liquor sales.  What this means in layman's terms is that the g-man sells the beer or says who, when, where, and what is sold. Products containing alchohol are only sold in government run Liqour Stores.  In a way prohibition had a tiny bit of stickiness here I guess?  I think it's just another way to collect more taxes.  When I was in France, I bought wine at a convenience store for 2.50 euros from the Chateauneuf du Pape region (that's about 4 bucks).  It was so good it was tempting to get a job waiting tables, sleep on the beach and live on wine and bagettes for the rest of my life.  I did come home.  Maybe the bitterness came when the clocks had to be changed.

Lastly, in Sask everyone picks sides for hockey.  Some choose a team based in Canada.  When #99 moved to LA it gave a lot of people around Western Canada permission to cheer for an American team.  Now there's the argument that many American teams have more Canadian players than the Canadian teams.  Some people I know cheer for both teams and then they can gloat no matter what the outcome.  I ment to watch the game last night, but I haven't watched a single playoff game this year and ... I forgot about it.  I was siding for the Canucks for sentimental reasons, because I have a lot of family members living in the area, and Wayne and Stirling went to the last Olympics so it's kind of a special place for our family.  So when I got on facebook last night and saw all the comments about riots, I kinda knew.  That's Van's way.  Get stoked, toke, then all the windows are broke.

So for all the broken, depressed, Canucks fans out there I offer this consolation from Bob Ducca.

Vancouver you have the ultimate FREEDOM!!!!

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