Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I've worked for Michael Scott

When I was watching the last episode of the season of The Office, I made a very astute observation.  The reason that I understand the genre of The Office is because I worked there, and I worked for someone just like Michael Scott.  Here's a review of my work history and the TV shows that have since been created to emulate my employment experience:

Random Sk Gov Insurance Company - Facilities = The Office but with building maintenance techs instead of Dwight, and I was the computer geek.  scary!

Sk Parks Department = Parks & Recreation I was the annoyed student who thought the whole thing was stupid

Jewelry Store = Are You Being Served, we had a clerk with a huge bouffant hairdo (this show preceded the job, incidentally.)

Sk Highways = Kinda like The Office but with Engineers instead of salespeople, there was several Dwights there, and a Pam, and well everyone. 

Worked for architects like ALL the architects on tv and movies.  Differences are that it is rarely, or never as artsy fartsy as you think it is.  If anyone is going to wear a knit tie, it will be an architect.  (meaning, it might have been preppy in the late 70's but now it's weird.  You hold out though, it will come back in style!)  It's like a typing pool with a cad system, boring thankless job with a really expensive computer. 

Anyway, that's why I love The Office, why it is so outrageous and makes me laugh every time.  Most people think it is ridiculous, but the funny thing is that this stuff really does happen.  These places really do have party planning committees which fight over streamers and managers who don't manage anything or anyone.  I've seen it because I've worked there!

Well, got to get back to work.  Fashion show, fashion show, fashion show at Lunch!

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