Monday, June 20, 2011

My Poem - A Grade 9 English Assignment

In the second week of February this year, Stirling's grade 9 English class was given the assignment to pen a love poem in the same style and metre as the poetry they had been studying recently.  Stirling won acclaim with his poem, and just today on the second last day of school, received his handwritten copy back from the teacher. 
I am pleased to share with you the following: A love poem by a 14 year old boy.

My Love Poem

I'd like to tell you about my fav-rite
I gaze in wonder at the steaming round
With a full flavor, my taste buds are hit
Start with a bushel of fruit in a mound
Then add lots of sugar to make it sweet
On top of a slice I add some ice cream
When eating it sideways it's not always neat
But when you get it right it's like a dream
My fav-rite is apple.  It makes me me smile
The smell of it baking weakens my soul
Just to get one I would run for a mile
When I was younger I would eat them whole
Eat to much and you will loosen your belt
But the flavour of it makes my heart melt.

Stirling Rempel
Feb. 2011

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