Tuesday, June 21, 2011

More Girls Livin' Indie Slow Lane

When I was a kid, my Mom worked full time, farmed, volunteered, did everything.  She was a very busy lady.  Mornings were a little hectic, and my brother and I knew better than to slow her down.  When she headed for the car, we had be in tow or we would likely be walking, or worse, we'd have to ask for a ride from my Dad, using various improv/dramatic techniques.

I remember the first time I saw bobsledding on the Olympics and I thought, "Hey, I could do that!  It's just like getting in the car going to school.  Hang onto the door, start running, throw your lunch-bag in, jump in, and slam the door.  Only Mom doesn't give us that little back and forth part."  Bobsledder's have it easy.

I just found this today, and I wish I would have know about it on June 17th so I could have made a big deal about it for all my Saudi Sista-Friends whom I haven't met yet!  It makes me really happy & sad at the same time.   Drive on Girlfriend!

And let's all be grateful that in this, the greatest country in all the world*, Canada, females are free to drive from the back seat or the driver's seat, or the most coveted seat in our van**, "shotgun" if they so desire.   

* blogger's opinion, and is shared most but yet to be discovered by many.
**as long as you call it, in advance, so that everyone can hear, while in view of the vehicle, before anyone else has touched the vehicle, and you did not sit in the shotgun seat last time.  And notwithstanding, heretowithforeafter, therefore that there shall be a licenced vehicle operator within the aforementioned driver's seat during all "car trips".

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