Wednesday, June 15, 2011

How to Get to Work

I live about 5km from my workplace, and have the pleasure of working right in the very centre of Regina, one of the most beautiful cities in Canada.  It is a city of about 200,000 and has just begun to grow again after a roughly 50 year lull.  We are really in the midst of growing pains, but trying to learn from our big city cousin, Calgary, to nourish ourselves, get some sleep, and don't extend ourselves too much.  I hope it works.

Back to the commute.  Up till lately, every adult in the city has owned at least one gas powered vehicle, which they used to drive themselves to work.  If you got a job on the other side of the city you just drove there.  Only poor people took the bus.  Or people who lived right next to the bus stop.  Over the years I had taken the bus a few times, but it was a hassle, and often I could catch a ride to work with my husband which made me an ultra carpooler so hang the bus.  Then I started to travel big cities.  I visited Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Montreal, Ottawa, then on to Paris, Lyon, Marseille, Nice, Avignon, Milan, and a place called Como (where my friend George Clooney lives)...  Sorry, drifted off there for a second.  Anyway, I discovered what a dream it is to live in a place where a train or bus or tram or something come trundling along every 3 min and where people of all backgrounds, industries etc can all sit in peace and boredom together.  So when I get back home I start riding the bus.  All winter I ride the bus.

It's $2.50 per ride or $2 a ride if you buy them 10 at a time on a refillable electronic scan type card.  So min $4 a day for the commute.  Not bad.  Costs between $8-12 to park downtown in a parkade plus you still have to walk.  Not to mention gas prices and licence, and vehicle upkeep.   (Oh that's the other thing, I figured I get in 12 blocks of walking a day with the bus ride which sounds bad but I have found makes for nice looking legs)

Still $4 is 4 bucks.  So I talk my darling hubbing into buying me a beautiful black Velotec Challenger ebike, you know to save money.  It charges in a few hours, includes cruise control, alarm system, pedals in case you run out of charge, and 3 tiny cargo holds.  So far I have put 901km on it and I love it.  I am looking forwarding to sharing it with anyone who is interested!  Feel the Road!  Yeah!

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